I'm Jan Wisgerhof

I develop robust web applications used all over the world

About me

A small introduction about my self

Jan Wisgerhof

Developer & Programmer from Brisbane, Australia

I am an end-to-end software developer mainly focusing on the web. My experience ranges from developing small static websites to large corporate applications. Proficient in full stack development, I bring a wealth of knowledge to any software project.

Developing is a passion for me. I love organized, structured and clean programs with a heavy focus on usability and testing. My motto is that quality always outperforms quantity in the long run.

For me one of the most enjoyable things is solving problems, something that I believe is the most important task in software development. I get satisfaction out of the puzzles in the task, and how what I am doing helps other people achieve their goals.

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at

Programming Languages


CMS / eCommerce platforms



React / Redux / Jest / Material-UI

Other skills

  • Composer
  • PHPUnit
  • Packagist
  • GIT / Github / Bitbucket
  • SVN
  • Kendo
  • CSS
  • Silex
  • Doctrine
  • Symphony
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO
  • Media queries
  • OOP
  • Geolocation
  • HTML 5
  • JSON
  • API Design
  • PSR
  • Google Closure Compiler
  • Icon fonts
  • Google Analytics
  • PEAR
  • Monolog
  • Twig
  • Blade

Work Experience

My previous associations

February, 2016

University of Queensland

Application Development Specialist

The University of Queensland is one of the best universities in the world, and their IT presence has to match that. I worked on a variety of tasks for UQ, including a complete revamp of the Library Authentication system and designing a new API architecture.

The last year and a half I have been the techincal lead of the Research Data Manager project, aimed at providing easy to use storage for researchers across UQ. This project has been a huge success, and spans across dozens of services within UQ.

Main skills: React, Material UI, Codeship, AWS (S3, CloudFront, EC2, ALB, etc), Docker, Laravel, SimpleSaml

October, 2013
December, 2015

Ignite Travel Group

Senior PHP Developer

Ignite Travel Group operates a variety of travel websites. My main task at Ignite Travel was to develop the new JetAways website and connect it to their .NET API. Part of the task was to create a reusable framework to connect to the API, to be used on all feature Ignite websites.

Main skills: PHP, LESS, GIT, Composer, Bower, Grunt, AngularJS, Bootstrap, OOP, WordPress

April, 2013
September, 2015

Xtreme Software Pty Ltd

Lead Developer

Xtreme Software is the company behind the popular School Management Software Xuno. My tasks at Xtreme Software consisted of a major rewrite of their Student and Parent Portal, a rewrite of the original procedural code into OOP and setting up test environments.

Main skills: PHP, PHPUnit, OOP, Jquery, Angular, Bootstrap, LESS/SASS, GIT

August, 2012


Lead Developer

ALC is Australia's #1 provider for certification training in best-practice methods and frameworks like ITIL® and PRINCE2®. I created ALC's website in 2012, and have since expanded the website numerous times.

Main skills: WordPress, Plugin Development, PHP, OOP, Jquery, Maintenance

January, 2009
December, 2010

Australian Online College

Lead Developer

The Australian Online College provided students with a broad range of courses; including Food Safety, Hospitality, Responsible Gambling, Flight Safety and many more. I created AOC's website and linked up it's Joomla and Moodle parts using Jmoodle. Tasks included Single Sign On (SSO), course creation, Moodle plugin development and general SEO.

Main skills: PHP, Joomla, Moodle, Jmoodle, OOP, Maintenance, Course Creation

July, 2009
May, 2011


Lead Developer

DUGG is Australia's #1 online underwear store for men. Dugg's website was created by me in Magento with a lot of custom product types.

Main skills: PHP, Magento, Plugin development

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career

July, 2008

Master of Information Technology (Major in eCommerce)

Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
June, 2007

Bachelor of Information Technology

Hogeschool Arhnhem & Nijmegen, Arnhem, The Netherlands

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(+61) 0488 198 485



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